The BFI will go in 2020 - Bob Feist Invitational

The BFI will go in 2020



The Show Will Go On – Wrangler BFI Week presented by YETI

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 8, 2020 – The most anticipated Monday of the year in Western sports will still happen – it just will not occur on June 22 nor will it be in Reno, Nevada.
Organizers of the world’s richest Open roping – the Bob Feist Invitational – have for decades worked closely with the Reno Rodeo, held on the same grounds each June. This spring, the Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West has taken the lead on decisions forced this year by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When its committee announced the cancellation of the 2020 Reno Rodeo, BFI owners Corky Ullman and Daren Peterson decided that rather than cancel for the first time since 1982, they would honor Bob Feist’s original concept 44 years ago of promising professional ropers a lucrative event and fans a great show. Since 1977, the BFI has seen homes in Chowchilla, California; Denton, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and has been held in Reno since 1983. For 2020, Wrangler BFI Week, presented by YETI, will find a new home.

“We are simply postponing instead of cancelling,” said Ullman. “We’ve watched with dismay as professional ropers have had all their rodeos and Open events cancelled for three months now, and we want to make sure these guys at least still have the BFI.”

Over 42 events, the BFI has paid professional ropers $11,758,207, while the former Reno Rodeo Invitational ropings have paid out millions annually, as well, to America’s amateur ropers. The entire 2020 lineup of Wrangler BFI Week will remain on the postponed schedule, including the Hooey Jr. Championships, the 12.5 and 11.5 ropings, the 9.5 and 10.5 Over 40 ropings and the All Girl Challenges.

The roping extravaganza and informal kick-off to the summer jackpotting season was scheduled for June 20-25. Now, Ullman and Peterson are working hard to secure a date a few months from now in 2020.

“We are hoping to not alter any aspect of BFI Week,” said Peterson, “including our tradition of donating proceeds to benefit local armed service veterans. That includes, of course, the rich payouts for ropers and the incredible prize line, along with action that keeps fans on the edges of their seats. Watching the best of the best try to win ‘The Feist’ will still be part of Wrangler BFI Week presented by YETI.”

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About Ullman-Peterson Events
The Phoenix-based production company helmed by Daren Peterson and Corky Ullman has owned and produced the Bob Feist Invitational since 2012 and purchased the Reno Rodeo Invitational team ropings in 2015. Founded by notable rodeo announcer and publisher Bob Feist in 1977, the BFI is the richest team roping event for professionals and one of the most prestigious, due to its limited roster and long head-start for steers. Founded by Perry Di Loreto in 1996 and now with additional categories, the high-
stakes amateur roping events surrounding the BFI are the most lucrative one-day events of their kind.