Smith Family Hoping For Big Father’s Day - Bob Feist Invitational

Smith Family Hoping For Big Father’s Day


You’ve no doubt heard of the Smith family – Clay has won the past two world heading championships in the PRCA. But his two brothers Jake and Britt, and his dad Mark all rope, too, and well

Last year at Wrangler BFI Week, Britt won the Hooey Jr. BFI for the second straight year and Mark won the Wrangler Patriot 11.5, with their respective partners. Britt earned $10,000, while his dad took a cool $100,000 paycheck home to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. 

In Guthrie, they’re ready to get in on that legendary BFI week prizeline all over again. Plus, as one of the best headers of all time, is this the year Clay helps Jade Corkill grab basically the only title that’s ever eluded him, in the BFI? 

Watch the action on Sunday, and catch the Jr. BFI on Saturday and the Wrangler Patriot Monday on Wrangler Network. In the meantime, we caught up with the Smiths as they ready for 2020 BFI Week in their home state.

BFI:  Mark, last year was pretty special in Reno. What was it like with you and your youngest boy both having big wins at BFI Week?

Mark Smith:  I’m just so thankful. I can’t believe my whole family is doing what they love to do and being successful. Thanks to all the people that put the BFI on.

BFI: This year, the BFI falls on Father’s Day. What will it be like to spend your day watching your three boys rope in the Feist? 

Mark Smith: I think something that says it best is a picture frame I got for Christmas a few years ago with my three boys’ pictures in it. Even my roping buddies call me “Dad!”

BFI:  Jake, after partnering with Clay in the past and now, this season, with Britt for his rookie year, what are some of the differences in heeling for the two of them? 

Jake Smith:  Well, the handles are way better now than when Clay was heading for me! Haha. No, it’s really not much different because they both head great and have pretty similar styles.

BFI:  What does it mean to you to have the Feist so close to home this year? 

Jake Smith: It’s super handy not having to drive so far. Some friends and family that don’t usually get to watch it are really excited they have the opportunity to come to it this year. But honestly, as great as that roping is, it wouldn’t matter where it was held, we would be entered!

BFI:  Britt, how has being the reigning and two-time champion header of the Hooey Jr BFI prepared you to rope in the actual BFI this year? 

Britt Smith:  It was great to get to rope there before I entered the Feist. It let me get an idea of how long the score is and how important horsepower is.

BFI:  As rodeo season starts to open up and you’re in the lead for the Resistol Rookie Header of the Year, what’s your game plan?

Britt Smith:  Nothing is really going to change. I’m just going to try to stay positive and win everywhere we go.

BFI:  Clay, as the world and rodeo season slowed down the last couple of months, what was it like for you to get to be home more?

Clay Smith:  It’s actually been pretty nice for a change. Being home with my family and getting to ride horses is what I enjoy the most.

BFI:  Congrats on your new baby girl! When you hit the road again, will the family be coming with you?  

Clay Smith: They’ll go as much as possible, but I’m just hoping we have the opportunity, at this point. That would mean things are getting back to normal.

BFI:  How did it feel to hear the BFI was being moved to the Lazy E, so much closer to home than Reno?

Clay Smith: I was really excited to hear they were going to do it at all! It’s just icing on the cake that it’s at the Lazy E. That arena is the perfect place for a roping like the BFI.

By: Julie Makin