Missouri Ropers Take Home $135k in #11.5 at BFI Week - Bob Feist Invitational

Missouri Ropers Take Home $135k in #11.5 at BFI Week


Two pairs of Missouri teams won the four-head aggregate and three-head consolation aggregate in the #11.5 Businessman’s Roping on March 15 at Wrangler BFI Week, presented by Yeti, to rake in $134,500 collectively.

BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Anchored by the 44th Annual Bob Feist Invitational for professionals on March 14, BFI Week includes eight affiliated amateur ropings and was held because of pandemic restrictions for the second time in Guthrie, Oklahoma’s Lazy E Arena. The #11.5, in its 26th year of affiliation with the BFI, paid 12 places in the main roping and four in the “consolation.”

Chris Pomeroy, 44, and Cody Stutenkemper, 34, of Bolivar, Missouri, caught four steers in 31.70 seconds to place in two rounds and win the main roping for $118,500 cash, plus Cactus saddles, Gist buckles, Yeti coolers, Resistol hats, Heel-O-Matic training aids and more.

“The only thing he said to me beforehand is that he wanted to win a buckle for his daughter,” said Pomeroy.

BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

The two have been friends for years and both own their own businesses, so are able to make time to go rope. Stutenkemper, who rope-burned his arm dallying on their final steer, added that he tried to remember, “it doesn’t pay anything if you don’t catch.”

An auctioneer, Stutenkemper owns and operates Diamond S Auction Real Estate Company, while Pomeroy, a former Schwann’s delivery man, has been very successful with Pomeroy Services. The fiber optics splicing company sponsors team ropers, of which Pomeroy said his first influence was NFR header David Key, who connected him with Cactus’ Barry Berg for great ropes.

This team entered on opposite ends during last year’s BFI Week, but Pomeroy said people have been trying to get him to head for years. The team is no stranger to big wins – Stutenkemper will put his BFI Week trophy saddle in the living room next to the one from their win at the USTRC Finals in 2018.

BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Missouri also sent the champs of the aggregate on three for ropers who missed one steer. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, of Mount Vernon and Columbia, had caught two steers in 13.32 seconds and already earned $8,500 in those rounds. Their quick 7.48-second run in the extra, or “consolation” round, let them split another $7,500 for a total of $16,000.

All events during Wrangler BFI Week are streamed live on www.WranglerNetwork.com, and wrap up with the Hooey Jr. BFI Championships on March 18.

Complete Results from the #11.5 Businessman’s Roping on March 15:

First Round: 1. Chris Pomeroy and Cody Stutenkemper, 6.41 seconds, $5,000; 2. Ryan Leatherwood and Terry Leatherwood, 7.47, $3,500; 3. Keith Heritage and Ryan Hood, 7.64, $1,500.

Second Round: 1. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, 6.37 seconds, $5,000; 2. Chris Pomeroy and Cody Stutenkemper, 6.93, $3,500; 3. Nathan Walker and William Evans, 7.62, $1,500.

Third Round: 1. Mark Gordon and Jim Huff, 6.90 seconds, $5,000; 2. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, 6.95, $3,500; 3. Mark Calagna and Justin Saulters, 7.20, $1,500.

Short Round (that didn’t place in the average): 1. Brother Campbell and Chad Ramer, 11.01 seconds, $5,000; 2. Jerry Bailey and Scott Seiler, 11.13, $3,500; 3. Tracey Cearley and Jason Grimm, 12.57, $1,500.

Consolation Aggregate:  1. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, 20.80 seconds on three steers, $7,500; 2. Mark Gordon and Jim Huff, 24.91, $5,900; 3. Jamie Mitchell and Brad Lund, 26.85, $4,000; 4. Joey Guerra and J.D. Ramirez, 29.37, $4,000.

Aggregate: 1. Chris Pomeroy and Cody Stutenkemper, 31.70 seconds on four steers, $110,000; 2. Jimmy Longino and Danny Watson, 38.13, $60,000; 3. Craig Moore and Darren Stoner, 43.88, $32,000; 4. Brooke Wilson and Tripp Townsend, 45.96, $20,000; 5. Mark Collins and Brad Bottom, 46.32, $16,000; 6. Chris Bradford and Greg Zwernemann, 46.92, $14,000; 7. T.J. Good and Alan Chappell, 47.43, $12,600; 8. Teddy Kreger and Skip Stansbury, 51.53, $11,000; 9. Coby Littlesoldier and Bill Beard, 51.55, $9,000; 10. Cody Hughes and Jason Hughes, 53.12, $8,000; 11. G.R. Carter Jr. and Cale Pederson, 53.25, $8,000; 12. Mike Woolven and Dennis Moore, 53.58, $8,000.