LONGER SCORE AT 2020 BFI - Bob Feist Invitational



When the BFI first started, Bob Feist strapped the score out there about a mile and a half, ran in some steers that out weighted my former mother in law, and told the best team ropers in the world to “Go and get ‘em!”

When you think of big setups, there are a few that come to mind immediately. Salinas, where you both come out of the same box behind the long line and you can barely see because of the tears in your eyes when you finally catch up. And of course “The Daddy”, with the hand pull start and an arena so long you can’t actually see the catch pen due to the curvature of the earth! The one thing that these, and all other big setups have is the “great outdoors.” Well, we have vendors and fans and tornadoes to think about. So inside we go…

There is only one place in the entire world that could offer BFI contestants and spectators a little taste of BIG and LONG. Give us all a little mix of a big outdoor setup but with the comforts of heat, air, and cocktails. A place that runs them down 460 feet during the Iron Man each March. A place where getting a seat over half way down the arena is actually prime real estate. That place is the Lazy E. After a walkabout in Guthrie this week, Daren, Kami, and Corky have decided to use every inch of it in 2020!

Open ropers and fans, this is for you! The BFI has been a cowboy, tough, horse power, elite roping since 1977 in Chowchilla. This year the setup isn’t going to be as long as it has been in antiquity, but it is going to dang sure be a horse power and six round witts tester for sure.

The arena dimensions for this years Wrangler BFI presented by Yeti are:
150W x 350L. The Priefert Boxes will be 18ft Deep. The score will be 20ft long. 2 Over.
The cattle will be provided by Matt Sanchez and will have been meticulously sorted and roped. Extra care will be taken this year pre-event and the cattle will have been run down the arena at the Lazy E individually to make sure that this year’s set is as even as possible. This means big, pretty, and strong.

We are excited to see each of you in Guthrie and if you haven’t made the trip to Reno in a while or are from east of the Mississippi and have always wanted to watch the greatest open roping in the world; well my friends, it is being served up to you front and center right here in Oklahoma. I’m telling you it is going to be an epic week!

Get your tickets. Get your stalls, Get your BFI on in 2020! We’ll see you in a few weeks ropers!