Host Hotel for 2020 BFI Banquet - Bob Feist Invitational

Host Hotel for 2020 BFI Banquet


Every year, friends come together to eat, drink, and out bid each other at the most entertaining dinner of the roping year. The annual BFI banquet and cowboy auction is where ropers and fans of roping from all over the country get to come, shake hands (or wave at each other from six feet away…we will leave that up to you!) and share old “high-call” stories with one another.

The BFI staff is excited to keep this long standing tradition alive. The festivities will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edmond on Saturday night, the 20th. Doors will open at 5pm and the fun will begin at 6pm sharp.

Kami, Daren, Corky, and I toured the facility the other day and were completely impressed. The hotel is a beautiful venue with a great little bar and restaurant, lovely rooms, and the pool is perfect for the kids on a June day. The ball room is going to be set up for 300 of our closest friends to come enjoy some great meat, drinks and entertainment before the big dance on Sunday.

If you haven’t gotten your rooms or tickets to the Wrangler BFI this year click the links below to get yourself all taken care of. It is going to be an epic week in Oklahoma. We can’t wait to see all of you at the 43rd annual BFI!

Host Hotel Info:
Host Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Edmond / Oklahoma City North
Group Code: G06BFI
Phone Number: (405) 285-0900
Address: 2833 Conference Drive, Edmond, OK 73034