Guy and Stahl bank $52K at Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping - Bob Feist Invitational

Guy and Stahl bank $52K at Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping


At the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Challenge Team Roping on March 17 in Guthrie’s Lazy E Arena, Hall-of-Fame cowgirl Lari Dee Guy won first with Annette Stahl and second with last year’s champ, Whitney DeSalvo, to take home $28,375 to Abilene, Texas.

The event is part of Wrangler BFI Week presented by Yeti, which kicked off on March 14 with the 44th Bob Feist Invitational (BFI) for the pros. Annually the richest all-female team roping in the country, this year’s Charlie 1 Horse Challenge fielded 229 teams from across the country, up from 184 teams last year.

Guy aboard futurity rope horse “Greed”. BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Guy, an eight-time WPRA world champion, roped four steers in 32.24 seconds with Stahl and four in 34.10 with DeSalvo for the same one-two punch she delivered in 2018 in Reno – except that year, she won first with DeSalvo and second with Stahl (and banked $25,500). Guy also placed second last year with DeSalvo; they split $16,000.

“I’ll go wherever they have this event,” Guy said. “It’s always fun to win with Annette, she’s such a good person, and so is Whit. I just enjoy doing what I do with good people. Good horses and good heelers make my job easy.”

While the Charlie 1 Horse team roping is open to the world, it also offers a #9.5 Incentive. The stand-alone competition is a sidepot with no extra fees for ropers with handicaps totaling 9.5 or less. Glover Coats and Becky Cannizzaro placed sixth in the main roping to split $7,500 and won the Incentive on three steers for another $7,500. The main roping’s format is that one extra partner is drawn for every team entered at fees of $750, which Stahl credits for the large turnout.

“I love roping with the draw partners, whether it’s someone I’ve wanted to rope with or anyone who always wanted to rope with me,” said Guy, who also turned all four steers for her drawn partners. “I also have the two best girl heelers in the world. Honestly, great girl headers owe a lot to their horse. At the BFI ropings, you’ve got to hit the barrier, and I think the World Series start is almost harder than reading a traditional scoreline. To hit it perfectly, you have to figure out how to pace the steer and really judge that.”

BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

It meant Guy was able to turn every steer in the first half of the arena using her Cactus Mini Thrill head rope – and that’s what Stahl appreciated.

“Lari Dee and I talked all day about the cattle and handles,” said Stahl, a two-time WPRA world champion heeler from west Texas. “I knew if I just held my lane and swung my rope hard, she’d set it up for a win. She just had the best horse there and pinged the barrier back all day. She got it on them so fast and turned every one of them the same.”

Guy was riding a 6-year-old gelding she trained called Greed that Trevor Brazile has been campaigning at team roping futurities since last fall. Greed is a full brother to Tombstone, the horse that Jill Tanner rode this month to the $100,000 breakaway win at RFD-TV’s The American (Guy had trained and sold him as a 5-year-old to Jill’s brother Jake Cooper, who used him at the NFR). The horses have Starlight Gypsy breeding.

“Greed’s my good head horse,” Guy said. “I’ve been roping calves so much that Trevor just kept him. I got on him yesterday and he had him feeling great. I’m sending him back so they can get ready for the Oil Can futurity in April.”

Stahl, meanwhile, was riding an 8-year-old mare that’s “very forgiving and never, ever cheats you.” She also placed fourth in the roping with Kenna Francis for $6,000, which brought Stahl’s Guthrie haul to $23,875. Previously, Stahl won the roping in 2017 in Reno with Jackie Crawford.

BFI Photo by Performance Horse Photography

 “Anytime you win this caliber of an event with a great friend – and I’m great friends with both Jackie and Lari Dee – it’s special,” Stahl said. “This is a phenomenal event. They do a great job running it and have such an even set of cattle that it makes it enjoyable. My hat’s off to the producers. It was such a great roping that I got countless Facebook messages from people telling me how much they enjoyed watching it.”

Stahl, who works on a remote ranch with her husband, C.R. Stahl, lives almost four hours from the nearest jackpot and does a lot of practicing at home. Because so many girls are roping so well, she said she’s had to work harder at her heeling.

“A couple of years ago, I realized the way I used to do it wasn’t going to hack it,” she said. “I changed my approach and my swing. I try to evolve or girls’ roping is evolving so fast that I’ll get left behind.”

The Charlie 1 Horse Challenge in Reno eight years ago prompted Guy to coin the catchphrase “Rope Like A Girl.” The tagline is now sold on apparel and roping accessories across the country.

Guy plans to use her Guthrie windfall to invest in a new horse walker and other maintenance at her place, where she trains rope horses when she’s not teaching roping. She squeezed the Charlie 1 Horse roping in between clinics in Helena, Montana, and Twin Falls, Idaho. The evolvement of female roping has enhanced Guy’s horse-training and clinician gigs, and she’s enjoying seeing the futurity industry grow and watching female ropers improve.

“Girls’ roping is getting big, when you consider they had 250 teams and 150 breakaway ropers here,” Guy said “Producers need to take a look at that and not just put it in an open slot on the schedule. Plus, there were nearly 500 breakaway ropers entered in the American semifinals. People need to wake up and see that. It’s time for female roping to be treated differently now. It’s bringing more money to the industry and making the industry better. Let’s look at that, you know?”

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Complete results from the 2021 Charlie 1 Horse Team Roping:

First Round: 1. Lari Dee Guy and Whitney DeSalvo, 6.93 seconds, $1,000; 2. Lari Dee Guy and Annette Stahl, 7.21, $750; 3. Erica Lozares and Martha Angelone, 7.32, $500; Second Round:  1. Quincy Sullivan and Abbie Shofner, 5.84 seconds, $1,000; 2. Kayele Helton and Lorraine Moreno, 6.77, $750; 3. Kayelen Helton and Caitlyn Philpot, 6.99, $500; Short Round:  1. Tammy Ellerman and Bonnie Matlack, 15.18 seconds, $1,000; 2. Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg, 8.05, $750; Average: 1. Lari Dee Guy and Annette Stahl, 32.24 seconds on four steers, $35,000; 2. Lari Dee Guy and Whitney DeSalvo, 34.10, $20,000; 3. Hannah White and Emilee Moyer, 38.65, $15,000; 4. Kenna Francis and Annette Stahl, 39.99, $12,000; 5. Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg, 41.78, $10,000, 6. Glover Coats and Becky Cannizzaro, 41.80, $7,500; 7. Cadee Williams and Kim Grubbs, 42.38, $3,500, 8. Kayce Hein and MacKenna McIntyre, 42.93, $2,500; 9. Taylor Schmidt and Kelsie Chace, 45.09, $2,000; 10. Macy Fuller and Amanda Kooiker, 45.59, $2,000; 11. Afton Vittow and Callie Schafer, 49.74, $2,000; 12. Utah Ward and Tammy White, 50.73, $2,000. #9.5 Incentive Average:  1. Glover Coats and Becky Cannizzaro, 26.80 seconds on three steers, $7,500; 2. Abby Lee and Calia Jantzen, 31.96, $3,000; 3. Kayce Hein and MacKenna McIntyre, 32.05, $1,500; 4. Abby Lee and Danielle Roper, 32.65, $1,000; 5. Brandi Hines and Lorie Patterson, 35.20, $800.