Deja Vu - Bob Feist Invitational

Deja Vu


When the infamous “Jake n’ Clay” won the BFI, it was still held outdoors in Reno, Nevada. Want to see a repeat after exactly 20 years? That’s right, the sport’s icons are teaming up again to try to win BFI 2019.

“Jake is one of the best there’s ever been,” said Cooper. “You know he’s going to score good and get a hold and show me something there that I can catch, and that gives me confidence. He’s been doing that for a long time.”

These two are also offering joint clinics together in 2019. Plus, while the late Rickey Green remains a “Legacy Coach” whose strategies, tips and training live on at, the site was looking for a heeler to fill his shoes. Who better than Cooper to join the team? He switched his online coaching methodologies from to, where he provides instruction alongside Barnes and Matt Sherwood.

This summer, it will be hard to bet against the 14 gold buckles Barnes and Cooper earned together, or their combined 56 NFR qualifications.

“I decided to team back up with Jake at the rodeos, since we were doing everything else together,” Cooper recalled. “Trevor and I had roped at the winter rodeos, since Jake wasn’t qualified to go to San Antonio and Houston anyway.”

So… they’re back. The BFI was founded to showcase the best in the world, and now this June, exactly 40 years of professional experience will double up in one iconic team in Reno during the 100 th anniversary of the Reno Rodeo.

“Jake and I are working hard, doing schools and roping and traveling around the country just trying to help people get better,” Cooper said.