The official spirit of the 2020 BFI! - Bob Feist Invitational

The official spirit of the 2020 BFI!


Ropers from across the country will gather in Oklahoma this month for the 43rd annual Bob Feist Invitational – the world’s richest team roping competition, for pros and amateurs. With a new venue, new safety protocols and a new schedule, this event is happening against all odds, because of the hard-working, determined organizers and competitors.
As a first-time sponsor of this year’s event, Wild Rag Vodka applauds that will power and determination. We are proud to be aligned with people who found the sport of team roping, and the act of coming together so vital, they moved such a storied and important event clear across the country to see it done. THAT is the spirit of Wild Rag.

The Land and The Brand
The Honey Mesquite has long existed on the South Texas landscape. With its thick growth and thorny armor, it stands defiant to heat, drought and lean resources, much like the people who settled the land around it. We use the sweet, ripened bean of that Mesquite, and distill it into our Batch 27 vodka, which is smooth and refined, for the purists among us. Straight up or on the rocks, this will change your views on vodka, guaranteed.

Red, hot and perfect for a summer evening? The description of a Matagorda Bay sunset, and Wild Rag’s Texas Torch sound an awful lot alike! Handcrafted for the right amount of sweet and heat, we prefer this ruby-red cinnamon spirit chilled or over ice with a splash of soda.

And if you’re mixing up a cocktail among friends, nothing is better than our Sandia Silver, named after our hometown and masterfully crafted to be a bartender’s best friend.

We applaud the roping competitors for helping to continue the long tradition of the BFI, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in the short-round. -The Wild Rag Team