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2023 BFI Legends Results

Aggregate Results (on five head) - payout per team Cory Petska and Seth Smithson, 37.70 seconds, $19,000 Troy Fischer and Boogie Ray, 42.65 seconds, $11,000 Logan Olson and Seth Smithson, 42.99 seconds, $7,500 Round One Fast Time Vic Morrison and Steve Orth, 6.70 seconds, $2,000 Round Two Fast Time Cory Petska and Seth Smithson, 6.09 seconds, $2,000 Short Go Fast Time Chris Francis and Josh Patton, 7.34 seconds, $2,000

2023 BFI Week 15.5 Results

Aggregate Results (on four head) - payout per team Jarett Freeman and Scott Lauaki, 31.83 seconds, $60,000 Brandon Farris and Shawn Crockett, 32.56 seconds, $40,000 Brandon Beers and Bobby Alexander, 33.75 seconds, $30,000 Bobby Mote and Trevor Brazile, 34.33 seconds, $23,000 Brad Freeland and Matt Sherwood, 34.61 seconds, $18,000 Brandon Farris and Braden Harmon, 34.63 seconds, $16,000 Miles Baker and Shawn Crockett, 35.75 seconds, $12,000 Walker Smith and Brady Kyle, 35.89 seconds, $8,000 Matt Sherwood and Chase Helton, 36.0 seconds, $6,000 Round One Fast Time Brandon Farris and Shawn Crockett, 6.82 seconds, $4,000 Jimmy Harrison and Derrick Jantzen, 7.24 seconds, ...Read More

2023 Hooey Jr Championship Open Results

Aggregate Results (on five head) - per team Jett Stewart and Cashton Weidenbener, 41.09 seconds, $42,000 Mason Appleton and JR Gonzalez, 41.27 seconds, $25,000 Damian Jr Padilla and Michael Eugenio Calmelat, 43.24 seconds, $15,000 Denton Parish and Denton Dunning, 45.27 seconds, $11,000 Mason McDaniel and Sammy Saunders, 45.85 seconds, $8,500 James Arviso and John Hisel, 45.86 seconds, $6,000 Cole Smith and Michael Eugenio Calmelat, 47.33 seconds, $5,000 Ketch Kelton and Logan Cullen, 48.42 seconds, $4,500 Cason Richey and Will Smith, 49.6 seconds, $4,000 Eli Green and Porter Bryant, 49.61 seconds, $4,000 Brayden Schmidt and Logan Cullen, 50.89 seconds, $3,500 Brennen ...Read More

2023 Hooey Jr Championship 10.5 Results

Aggregate Results (on four head) - per team Levi James and Garrett Hughes, 29.44 seconds, $50,000 Kaitlyn Torres and Cross Ringelstein, 30.44 seconds, $30,000 Jaxon Stoker and Noah Vasquez, 31.59 seconds, $18,000 Jadon Bailey and Junior Jose Corpus, 32.2 seconds, $12,500 Raesh Casebolt and Brodie Boyce, 32.77 seconds, $10,000 Foreman Casebolt and Sid Harvey, 33.92 seconds, $9,000 Joseph Villareal and Maverick Lozano, 34.17 seconds, $8,000 Jaycus Hill and Garrett Hughes, 34.31 seconds, $8,000 Bridger Ketcham and Trey Toft, 34.38 seconds, $5,000 Colter Reed Snook and Traden Lauer, 34.8 seconds, $4,500 Brody Mathiews and Ryan Davis, 35.01 seconds, $4,000 Blaine Coates ...Read More

Petska and Smithson Are 2023 BFI Legends Champs

BFI Week was built on a foundation of tradition. It’s packed with prestige, and the producers keep coming up with new ways to raise the already sky-high BFI bar. The concept of the BFI Legends roping is about as cool as it comes, and a chance for over-40 living legends who may have pulled up from the full-time rodeo trail to come together for a roping reunion with each other, while at the same time showing the rest of the Western world that they’ve still got it. Cory Petska and Seth Smithson won the 2023 BFI Legends roping, held today ...Read More

2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Results

Aggregate Results (on three head) Sarah Angelone, 9.73 seconds, $14,000 Taylor Hanchey, 10.98 seconds, $10,000 Hali Williams, 11.32 seconds, $6,500 Janae Todacheenie, 11.75 seconds, $5,500 Brandi McDowell, 12.14 seconds, $4,500 Brett Woolsey, 12.40 seconds, $3,500 Jackie Crawford, 12.42 seconds, $3,000  Bailey Jay, 12.68 seconds, $2,500 Kennedy Buckner, 13.01 seconds $2,000 Danielle Wray, 13.21 seconds $1,500 Lexey Williams, 15.37 seconds, $1,000 Round One Fast Time Quincy Sullivan, 3.03 seconds, $1,000 Sarah Angelone, 3.04 seconds, $750 Baylee Barker, 3.06 seconds, $500 Round Two Fast Time Sarah Angelone, 3.05 seconds, $1,000 Janae Todacheenie, 3.35 seconds, $750 Cheyenne Guillory, 3.36 seconds, $500 Short Go ...Read More

Sarah Angelone Secures the Charlie 1 Horse Breakaway Roping Title

Angelone topped the field of cut-throat breakaway ropers at the 2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Roping to kick off  BFI Week on Wednesday, March 29 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK. Angelone’s time of 9.73 seconds on three calves earned her the $14,000 aggregate championship. Andersen CbarC Photo From placing in both long rounds to switching horses between short-go runs, Sarah Angelone called the right shots during the Bob Feist Invitational Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Roping. The Virginia cowgirl played her cards right and defended her number-one position going into the short go to come out ...Read More

Kelton and DeSalvo Take Home the Charlie 1 Horse All Girl Team Roping Title

It was only their second time roping together, but for Kenzie Kelton and Whitney DeSalvo, the pairing has been quite sweet. When the dust settled, it was the college student from Arizona and three time WPRA World Champion from Arkansas that sealed the deal and walked away as the 2023 Bob Feist Invitational Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping Champions and a $20,000 payout.   The team roped sharp throughout the day, coming into the Short Round in fifth position with a time of 29.55 seconds on three head. It was their smart and consistent run of 7.95 seconds on their ...Read More

2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping Results

Aggregate Results (on four steers) Kenzie Kelton and Whitney DeSalvo, 37.50 seconds, $20,000 Dana Markham and Kelly Snow, 38.19 seconds, $14,000 Connie Harris and Megan Gunter, 39.49 seconds, $11,000 Carsyn Tharp and Kennlee Tate, 42.59 seconds, $8,000 Jessica Montgomery and Jackie Crawford, 43.13 seconds, $6,000 Martha Angelone and Danielle Roper, 43.86 seconds, $5,000 Kenna Francis and Whitney DeSalvo, 44.71 seconds, $4,000 Decca Gagan and Whitney DeSalvo, 45.05 seconds, $3,000 Incentive Results (on three steers) Dana Markham and Kelly Snow, 27.76 seconds, $7,500 Emma Carrell and Courtney Crites, 29.45 seconds, $4,500 Connie Harriss and Megan Gunter, 31.21 seconds, $3,000 Avery Goegelle ...Read More

Bid on a Bones

Our generous Wrangler BFI Week supporters have allowed us to raise $214,400 over the past six years to help local charities! This year, our annual BFI calcutta on March 31 will feature a custom Heel-O-Matic Bones dummy – the proceeds of which will benefit the Oklahoma chapter of Flags Of Honor. And you can bid even if you’re not in Guthrie! For the first time, calcutta teams and items can be bought online. Just register to bid at (scroll down to BFI Online Sale). “We love their mission of ‘meeting sacrifice with hope’ by helping the families of not only the ...Read More