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At Long Last, Team Rocha and Stewart Strike it Rich

Texans Manuel Rocha and Stephen Stewart had never before set foot in the fabulous Lazy E Arena. And in 15 years of trying, they had never won a check together. Not a nickel. On April 4, the pair of 4+ ropers and forever friends changed all that in dramatic fashion by roping four steers in 34.53 seconds and winning both the BFI 10.5 Roping and the 9.5 Incentive to the tune of $140,000 and a truckload of prizes.    “They said we had to be 10 on our last steer,” said Rocha, who’ll turn 49 next month. “When I saw ...Read More

10.5 with 9.5 Incentive Results

Aggregate (on 4): 1. Manuel Rocha and Stephen Stewart, 34.53 seconds, $120,000; 2. Brian Jeffreys and Jason Jones, 35.43 seconds, $80,000; 3. Ferron Lucero and Perri Sanchez, 36.62 seconds, $60,000; 4. Sonny Anderson and Bubba Hartis, 37.51 seconds, $40,000; 5. Craig Moore and Dustin Payton, 37.84 seconds, $30,000; 6. Geg Graden and Guy Graden, 38.40 seconds, $20,000; 7. Nathan Coffelt and Chris Pomeroy, 38.52 seconds, $15,000; 8. Nicky Delgado and Kevin Parker, 38.68 seconds, $14,000; 9. Arnold Felts and Jahew Thorp, 39.45 seconds, $13,000; 10. Larry Rice and Alan Chappell, 39.63 seconds, $12,000; 11. Terry Butt and Cody Taton, 39.94 ...Read More

Goforth and Anaya Do Work at BFI 11.5 Businessman’s Roping

The BFI 11.5 Businessman’s Roping is only open to ropers over 30, but Rusty Goforth and Andy Anaya have 100 years between them. For roping four steers in 34.19 seconds, the happy champs stormed the Lazy E Arena for $140,000 and the thrill of their roping lives.    Goforth, who’s 40, is a 4+ header. He lives in Mineola, Texas, with his wife, Elizabeth, and kids, Bella, Luke, Levi and Grant.     “This is great,” Rusty said. “I grew up watching the BFI all these years, but this is the first one I’ve gotten to come to since it moved ...Read More

11.5 Businessman’s Results

Aggregate (on 4): 1. Rusty Goforth and Andy Anaya, 34.19 seconds, $140,000; 2. Jeff Schieber and Nathan Golay, 34.47 seconds, $90,000; 3. Samuel Livingston and Danny Zuniga, 34.76 seconds, $58,000; 4. LaRaye Stipes and David Walker, 36.75 seconds, $30,000; 5. Barry Berg and Dustin Noblitt, 36.76 seconds, $20,000; 6. Ernie Cordova and Chance Kiehne, 38.1 seconds, $15,000; 7. Joe Beaver and David Markham, 38.88 seconds, $12,000; 8. Ricky Schultz and Jesse DeBord, 38.39 seconds, $10,000; 9. Mike Row and Steve Harrison, 38.41 seconds, $9,000; 10. Mark Calagna and Justin Saulters, 38.63 seconds, $8,500; 11. Chick Wilfong and Billy Simmons, 39.07 ...Read More

Wilfong and Thompson Hit $180,000 Jackpot at BFI 12.5 Oilfield Classic

Texans Chick Wilfong and Todd Thompson struck it rich and banked $180,000 for roping four steers in 32.58 seconds at the 2022 BFI 12.5 Oilfield Classic. Held April 3 at the Fabulous Lazy E in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the 323-team Oilfield Classic paid like a slot machine with a twist—which was that it was only open to ropers 21 and over.    “This is the BFI, and there’s nothing else like it,” said Wilfong, 49, who lives in Avoca, Texas, with his wife, Jodi. “Success at the BFI is what every roper aspires to. It’s not the open, but it might ...Read More

12.5 Oilfield Classic Results

Aggregate: 1. Chick Wilfong and Todd Thompson, 32.58 seconds on four, $180,000; 2. Tim Robinson and Jerry Skaggs, 32.90 seconds on four, $120,000; 3. John J Thompson and Levi Pettigrew, 33.22 seconds on four, $80,000; 4. Wyatt Rita and Chaz Rita, 33.77 seconds on four, $60,000; 5. Granger Insco and Chad E Martin, 33.79 seconds on four, $40,000; 6. Denver Collins and Steve Mauldin, 34.25 seconds on four, $30,000; 7. Mel Smith and Tee Woolman, 34.61 seconds on four, $20,000; 8. Matthew Barnes and Jabin Rice, 34.91 seconds on four, $18,000; 9. Emily Gately and Zack Woods, 34.94 seconds on ...Read More

Home-State Heroes Jake Cooper Clay and Billie Jack Saebens Take $150,000 W at 2022 BFI

Fans who attended the 45th annual Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping Classic at the world-famous Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma were treated to the tightest short round in BFI history. And it was Sooner State cowboys Jake Cooper Clay and Billie Jack Saebens who came out kings of the 126-team BFI from third high callback to take the sweet $150,000 victory lap after roping six steers in 47.11 seconds.    “The BFI is the most prestigious roping there is, in my book,” said Clay, 23, who calls Sapulpa home. “I’ve watched the BFI forever. You can’t look away from ...Read More

THE FEIST Results – 45th annual Bob Feist Invitational

Aggregate: 1. Jake Cooper Clay and Billie Jack Saebens, 47.11 seconds on six, $150,000; 2. James Arviso and Josh Patton, 47.21 seconds on six, $100,000; 3. Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler, 47.35 seconds on six, $70,000; 4. Chad Masters and Cory Petska, 47.92 on six, $50,000; 5. Bubba Buckaloo and Joseph Harrison, 48.33 seconds on six, $30,000; 6. Blake Hughes and Brady Norman, 48.54 seconds on six, $20,000; 7. Wyatt Bray and Cutter Thomison, 48.83 on six, $15,000; 8. Kaden Richard and Brady Ramone, 49.23 seconds on six, $12,000; 9. Dawson Graham and Dillon Graham, 49.24 seconds on six, $10,000; ...Read More

Speed Williams and Matt Sherwood Are First-Ever BFI Legends Champs

It took 10 gold heading buckles to win the inaugural BFI Legends Roping, and Speed Williams and Matt Sherwood were the over-40 guys who brought their best game to the world-famous Lazy E Arena on April 1 to get it done. Eight-time champ of the world Williams, 54, headed for two-time world heading titlist Sherwood, 52, as one of 34 teams entered that treated the crowd to a sweet real-time walk down memory lane. “Are you kidding me, I won $20,000 for roping with Speed Williams?” Sherwood grinned at roping’s end. “I’ve never run a steer with the best header ...Read More

BFI Legends Results

Aggregate: 1. Speed Williams and Matt Sherwood, 40.9 seconds, $40,000; 2. Jeff Hilton and Zane Bruce, 44.0 seconds, $10,000; 3. Tyler Magnus and Zane Bruce, 45.38 seconds, $5,000.  First Round: 1. Manny Egusquiza and Monty Joe Petska, 6.64 seconds, $2,000.  Second Round: 1. Chris Francis and Josh Patton, 5.41 seconds, $2,000.