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Driggers and Nogueira Check Big Bucket List Box With 2024 BFI Win

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira were flawless to win the first BFI of their already legendary careers.BFI Photos by Andersen CbarC Photography It’s a roping rarity when teams rise up to dynasty status, and last names are optional. Jake and Clay. Speed and Rich. We all know who you’re talking about. The already notorious team of Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira just etched their names even deeper into roping’s record books with their $162,000 bucket-list win at the 47th annual Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping Classic on March 30 at the Lazy E Arena. With five gold buckles, well over ...Read More

2024 Wrangler BFI The Feist Results

Aggregate PlacingTime (on 6)HeaderHeelerMoney144.76Kaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira$160,000245.2Clay SmithColeby Payne$100,000346.77Ketch KeltonDenton Dunning$76,000447.7Colby LovellDakota Kirchenschlager$55,000547.97Luke BrownTravis L Graves$34,000648.39Bode BaizeYork Gill$20,000749.28Chad MastersWyatt Cox$18,000849.46Erich RogersPaul Eaves$12,000950.63Pedro EgurrolaJC Flake$10,0001050.81Bubba BuckalooDaniel Braman$9,0001153.85Mason AppletonCooper Freeman$8,5001254.71Brandon FarrisBraden Harmon$7,5001341.83 (on 5)Cyle DenisonDustin Davis$7,0001442.57 (on 5)Clint PeverleyLevi Pettigrew$6,5001542.71 (on 5)Jake Cooper ClayTrey Yates$6,500 Round One Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney16.86Cash DutyRoss Ashford$8,00027.23Chad MastersWyatt Cox$6,00037.26Colby LovellDakota Kirchenschlager$4,00047.28Braden PirrungJR Dees$2,000 Round Two Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney15.65Dustin EgusquizaLevi Lord$8,00025.82Quinton ParchmanGarrett Smith$6,00035.83Korbin RiceLogan Moore$4,00045.9James ArvisoJR Gonzalez$2,000 Round Three Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney16.44Aaron TsinigineJaylen Eldridge$8,00026.55Bubba BuckalooDaniel Braman$6,00036.96Manny EgusquizaEvan Arnold$4,00047.18Ketch KeltonDenton Dunning$2,000 Round Four Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney15.71Clint SummersJake Long$7,00015.71Slade WoodGage Williams$7,00035.9Austin BarstowJorge Pina$4,00046.2Clay B TryanNicky Northcott$2,000 Round Five Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney14.87Tyler ...Read More

2024 Wrangler BFI Week Full Results

Wrangler BFI Week, which last year paid out a record $3.88 million, is scheduled for March 28 through April 3, 2024, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. It’s anchored by the 47th annual Bob Feist Invitational (BFI) on Saturday, March 30, which alone boasts a $650,000 purse. Who: BFI The Feist DrawWhat: Wrangler BFI Week presented by Yeti view scheduleWhen: March 28 - April 6, 2024Where: Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, OklahomaWhy: It's the most anticipated week of the year, and the legacy lives on. Watch: BFI Live Roping Results Hooey Jr 10.5 Hooey Jr Open 15.5 The Feist 12.5 11.5 Businessman's with 10.5 ...Read More

2024 Hooey Jr Championship Open Results

Average PlacingTime (on 5)HeaderHeelerMoney135.26Ketch KeltonDenton Dunning$50,000236.52Ketch KeltonNicky Northcott$25,000337.34Jaxon HillBraylon Tryan$16,000437.65Jaxon HillWhip Peterson$12,000538.65Lyvan GonzalezGarrett K Jepson$9,000638.95Mason StueveGus Albertson$7,000739.38Jett StewartChase Helton$6,000839.97Kyon HatleyCason Hatley$5,000940.51Rance WintersWill Smith$4,0001041.22Canyon PennellCross Ringelstein$4,0001141.56Spencer K WhippleBrody Freeman$3,0001243.36Bryson BerryColton W Clayton$3,000 Round One Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney15.85Ketch KeltonDenton Dunning$3,00026.53Kelon AndrewsChase Helton$2,00036.59Jaxon HillWhip Peterson$1,000 Round Two Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney15.14Kelon AndrewsHayden Sanders$3,00025.4Damian Jr PadillaLittle Michael Calmelat$2,00035.95Walker SmithGabe Williams$1,000 Short Go Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney17.25Walker GuyConner Herren$2,00027.7Brogan RankinJeryn Ellerd$1,50038.13Trey HughesHayden Sanders$1,000

2024 Wrangler BFI Week 15.5 Results

Average Results PlacingTime (on 4)HeaderHeelerMoney129.14Spencer MitchellChase Helton$65,000230.53Lyvan GonzalezGarrett K Jepson$45,000331.1Devon McDanielSammy Saunders$35,000431.13Wheston JonesJett Hillman$25,000533.09Rowdy K JonesJustin DeLaGarza$20,000633.48Clay DeenChad Mathes$15,000733.66Wheston JonesBlake Barnes$12,000833.72Westen KlenkColton W Clayton$10,000933.73Benjamin BalowJake Pianalto$7,0001033.86Peyton WaltersJustin Elms$5,000 Round One Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney16.68Tyler HobertBrandon Hittle$4,00026.89Tyler TryanPorter Bryant$2,50026.89Lyvan GonzalezGarrett K Jepson$2,500 Short Go Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerMoney110.89Mason AppletonCole Stevens$3,000211.6Lyvan GonzalezDaryan Gonzalez$2,000313.13Corben CulleyJett Hillman$1,000

2024 Hooey Jr Championship 10.5 Results

Aggregate Results PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerAmountSplit133.3Miles MuellerStetson Springs$60,000$30,000233.93Bryce EhlingerCash Cockrum$32,000$16,000334.27Brylee BoyceConner Wright$20,000$10,000434.89Reed VolfBrogan Rankin$13,000$6,500535.09Rocco FitzgeraldKase Key$12,000$6,000635.9Sage BurressSern Weishaar$10,000$5,000736.46Karter HedlundLucas Willeford$9,000$4,500836.68Cameron CapshawGrady Wilson$8,000$4,000936.95Colton WilliamsonKale Roark$6,000$3,0001036.99Rance WintersCannan Wescott$6,000$3,0001137.56Bryce EhlingerKyler Ohrt$5,000$2,5001238.17Rydan WhiteBlaine Gray$5,000$2,5001338.51Trevor BentleyTate Heard$4,500$2,2501438.58Delton OSteenBrock Rouse$4,500$2,2501538.82Cooper MottWylie Morgan$4,500$2,2501639.52Braxton FosterWesson Parker$4,000$2,0001739.81Coen CarrollBryce Klingeman$4,000$2,0001842.97Tripp HendersonWyatt J Howell$4,000$2,0001943.04Nolan AndersenSterling Fowlie$4,000$2,0002043.16Mason McDanielRyan Gorham$4,000$2,000 Short Round PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerAmountSplit113.21Hunter HeltonRyan Gorham$2,000$1,00026.56Cameron CapshawGrady Wilson$1,500$75037.49Reed VolfBrogan Rankin$1,000$500 Round 1 Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerAmountSplit16.58Landon EllerMatt Leavitt$4,000$2,00026.81Colton WilliamsonKale Roark$3,500$1,75036.86Joe Cash AutryKlayt Staudt$2,200$1,10047.07Kelton DenhamAustin Shives$1,500$75057.08Coen CarrollBryce Klingeman$1,000$500 Round 2 Fast Time PlacingTimeHeaderHeelerAmountSplit15.07Blaine CoatesWylie Morgan$4,000$2,00025.44Parker GuyDuke Nordby$3,500$1,75035.45Westin BarnettSanders McElroy$2,200$1,10045.94Trenton BacaKail Brunson$1,500$75055.98Gus KelleySern Weishaar$1,000$500

BFI Top Head and Heel Horses

Horses of the 2024 BFI It’s all about the horsepower at the BFI, and Jake Cooper Clay’s RLLittleBit and Trey Yates’s Marlboro Cat were named Head and Heel Horse of the 2024 BFI presented by Dixon Flowers Rope Horses. Both cowboys have quite the horse history at this roping, as it was Jake’s third Head Horse of the BFI award and Trey’s second Heel Horse of the BFI honor.  Clay, who won the 2022 BFI with Billie Jack Saebens, made this year’s short round with Yates heading on a 9-year-old sorrel he calls Louie.  “My cousin Wayne Clay sent me ...Read More

2024 BFI Steer Roping Draw

For the first time in eleven years, a lucrative stand-alone steer roping will be held at the Lazy E Arena, which was built by Ed Gaylord in 1984 specifically to host the PRCA’s National Finals of Steer Roping.  The best steer ropers in the world, many of whom hail from Oklahoma, will be gunning for Gist buckles, $10,000 cash added by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, and a custom Veach trophy saddle, thanks to Clark Quarter Horses and Veach Saddlery. A calcutta will be hosted Friday night, April 5, at the Gold Buckle Cantina inside the Lazy E at 7 p.m. ...Read More

BFI Documentary to Air on Cowboy Channel

A brand-new film documenting nearly a half-century of footage and interviews from the Bob Feist Invitational will premiere March 23 and 24 on The Cowboy Channel at 6:30 and 9 p.m. Eastern, respectively. The documentary, brought to you by Resistol and Ullman Peterson Events, features sit-down interviews with several former BFI champs like Trevor Brazile, Tee Woolman, Dee Pickett and Rich Skelton, along with recent slow-motion footage juxtaposed with vintage audio play-by-play. “You had to be horseback and you had to handle cattle,” the film captures from Dick Yates, who once entered with Hollywood actor Wilford Brimley’s son. “It put ...Read More

Fresh Corrientes Ready for 47th BFI

Some handy high-numbered snowbirds spent part of February breaking in steers for the 47th Bob Feist Invitational on March 30. With a cash purse of more than $650,000 and 125 teams accepted this year in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the BFI will again demand strong, even cattle. While it’s usually not the first rodeo for cattle used at other big Open ropings, BFI steers are crossed over the Mexican border and broke in specifically for the BFI. “As long as steers haven’t had many runs, they’re fairly similar,” said Scott Gage of 3 Point Productions, who with Jeff Smith will bring hundreds ...Read More