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Complete Results From The 2021 BFI Week 10.5 Over 40 Roping

First Round: 1. Lonnie Cox and Justin Crist, 7.76 seconds, $3,500; 2. Mark Collins and Randy McEntire, 7.80 seconds, $3,000; 3. Jeremy Olsen and Alan Chappell, 7.85 seconds, $2,500. Second Round: 1. Mike Shaw and David Ferrell, 6.63 seconds, $3,500; 2. B Rad Lands and Robert Dean, 7.75 seconds, $3,000; 3. Steve Taylor and Russell Hild, 7.83 seconds, $2,500. Short Round: 1. Bill Farmer and Todd Mathews, 7.24 seconds, $3,500; 2. Criquett Scott and Blane Chapman, 8.06 seconds, $3,000; 3. Darwin McGowan and Scott Seiler, 8.86 seconds, $2,500. Aggregate: 1. Darwin McGowan and Scott Seiler, 44.46 seconds, $70,000; 2. Tammy ...Read More

Complete Results From The 2021 BFI Week 11.5 Businessman’s Roping

First Round: 1. Chris Pomeroy and Cody Stutenkemper, 6.41 seconds, $5,000; 2. Ryan Leatherwood and Terry Leatherwood, 7.47 seconds, $3,500; 3. Keith Heritage and Ryan Hood, 7.64 seconds, $1,500. Second Round: 1. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, 6.37 seconds, $5,000; 2. Chris Pomeroy and Cody Stutenkemper, 6.93 seconds, $3,500; 3. Nathan Walker and William Evans, 7.62 seconds, $1,500. Third Round: 1. Mark Gordon and Jim Huff, 6.9 seconds, $5,000; 2. Skyler Moore and Marc Fenton, 6.37 seconds, $3,500; 3. Mark Calagna and Justin Saulters, 7.2 seconds, $1,500. Short Round: 1. Brother Campbell and Chad Ramer, 11.01 seconds, $5,000; 2. Jerry ...Read More

Complete results from the 2021 BFI Week 12.5 Oil Field Showdown

First Round: 1. Hannah White and Mike White, 6.48 seconds, $4,000; 2. Connor McNenny and Dakota Callicoat, 7.09 seconds, $3,000; 3. Mike Woolven and Darrell Tatum, 7.11 seconds, $2,500. Second Round: 1. Luke Miller and Tom Miller, 5.9 seconds, $4,000; 2. Taylor Mitchell and Danny Zuniga, 6.22 seconds, $3,000; 3. Heath Crofford and Cody Baker, 6.59 seconds, $2,500. Short Round: 1. Clark Holder and Jase Holder, 12.59 seconds, $4,000; 2. Lincoln Lewis and Samuel Luchsinger, 12.76 seconds, $3,000; 3. Mel Coleman and Larry Harris, 13.35 seconds, $2,500 Aggregate: 1. Hannah White and Mike White, 34.67 seconds, $130,000; 2. Dusty Breedlove ...Read More

Egusquiza and Koontz split $154K at first-ever spring BFI

Fans watched the greatest jackpot team roper in history extend his record of wins at the world’s richest pro roping Sunday night in Oklahoma. Kory Koontz, 49, of Stephenville, Texas, clinched victory at the Wrangler Bob Feist Invitational (BFI) presented by Yeti for the record third time, riding a horse he raised and nursed back to health after a horrific auto accident a year ago. Exactly 25 years after Koontz won back-to-back BFI titles with Rube Woolsey and Matt Tyler, he and Manny Egusquiza Jr. roped six steers in 46.48 seconds to earn the first-place check worth $150,000 plus epic ...Read More

Complete Results From The 2021 Bob Feist Invitational

First Round: 1. Jr Dees and Gralyn Elkins, 6.54 seconds, $8,000; 2. Riley Minor and Brady Minor, 6.61, $6,000; 3. Cory Clark and Wyatt Cox, 6.84, $4,000; 4. Quinn Kesler and Caleb Hendrix, 6.96, $2,000. Second Round: 1. Levi Simpson and Tyler Worley, 6.41 seconds, $8,000; 2. Justin Lovell and Tyler McKnight, 6.55, $6,000; 3. Briar Teague and Jessen James, 6.59, $4,000; 4. Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler, 6.61, $2,000. Third Round: 1. Levi Simpson and Tyler Worley, 5.53 seconds, $8,000; 2. Cory Kidd and Ben Gambrell, 6.32, $6,000; 3. Colby Lovell and Paul Eaves, 6.38, $4,000; 4 (tie). Nick ...Read More

Roster Final for BFI at Lazy E Arena

“King of Cowboys” and world’s best female among contenders “Gunners” – or the first team out at the 44th edition of the Bob Feist Invitational (BFI) on March 14 – will be two of the wiliest veterans in the game. Not only has each man already won the BFI, but each has also ridden at least one horse awarded as the best of the event. Hall-of-Famer J.D. Yates, a 21-time NFR roper who won the BFI in 2010 with Jay Wadhams, will turn the first steer for eight-time NFR heeler Cody Cowden, who won “the Feist” in 1997 with Bobby ...Read More

She’s In!

Whitney DeSalvo is first female heeler in decades invited to BFI In the same arena last year as the BFI and just a couple of days after it, Whitney DeSalvo of Wilmar, Arkansas, hammered 11 of 12 steers on the second hop in the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl in Guthrie, Oklahoma – and if her mare, Becky, hadn’t bucked on the first one, she’d surely have batted a thousand. That’s why, this year on the day of the roping, she’s liable to get up at 6 a.m. and start loping that mare, she said. “Heck, I might be up all ...Read More

Record-Holder and Former Heading Champ Brazile to Heel at 2021 BFI

As if this man doesn’t hold enough records – which include the 2010 PRCA gold heading buckle, the 2013 BFI championship, and seven Timed Event Championships of the World – check out the fact that no team has ever roped six BFI steers faster than he and Patrick Smith eight years ago. But that was on the heading end of things. Brazile and Smith 2018 BFIOlie's Images, LLC. This March, Brazile will heel at the BFI for the first time since his rookie years in rodeo. He’s teaming with fellow horse trainer Miles Baker, with whom he partners on several ...Read More

Wards Hoping for Another Six-Figure Nail-Biter in Guthrie

Everything went right for the Wards at BFI 2020 during likely the closest finish in BFI history – seven-hundredths of a second over six steers decided the difference between $150,000 and $100,000. Andrew and Reagan Ward drew arguably the best two steers in the pen during the short round with their respective partners, Buddy Hawkins and Kal Fuller. And made them count. Andrew and Buddy, from eighth callback, placed fourth while Kal and Reagan from fourth callback won the round to squeeze into first in the average and hold on. The Ward brothers, who grew up just 20 miles from ...Read More

He’s back! “Big Money” looks to win big bucks in Guthrie

“Big Money” Bob Harris has earned nearly $90,000 over the years at the BFI – in fact, he’s one of our top-35 all-time money winners. It’s safe to say the roping has been very good to him! Now, thirty years after Harris both nailed one of his second-place finishes at the BFI (with Dee Pickett) and clinched the Timed Event Championship of the World – then also won the 1991 PRCA world championship – he’s entered in the 2021 BFI with Blake Hughes.  Dee Pickett and Bobby Harris 1990 BFI Brenda Allen photo “It was a good move to bring ...Read More