It’s Legendary, It’s Prestigious, It’s the Bob Feist Invitational - Bob Feist Invitational

It’s Legendary, It’s Prestigious, It’s the Bob Feist Invitational


In 2021 Kory Koontz became a member of an elite club-a club of 3 time Bob Feist Invitational winners. With wins in 2021, 1996 and 1995 Koontz officially ranked among other BFI Legends Rich Skelton and Clay Tryan, who have also won three titles each. This win also pushed Koontz to the top of BFI earning leaderboards, with over $240,000 won over the course of his career.

Koontz explained he couldn’t have reached these historic accolades on his own. He graciously accredits his many great partners and horses. Koontz reflected on his 2021 BFI win with Manny Egusquiza explaining, “The day just went our way. I couldn’t have been happier to win it with my partner and friend, Manny. He’s a great header and I was so excited for him to get the big win.” He explained that being able to return to the BFI and win another title years later was a truly special moment in his career.

The 22-time NFR qualifier also accredited his long-term success at the BFI to his strong string of equine partners. In 2021, he rode to success on “Remix”, a dun gelding whom he named after his past champion horses “Iceman” (who led Koontz to two BFI titles, multiple NFR qualifications, and Horse of the Year Titles), “Jackyl” and “Switchblade” in hopes this horse would be a remix and combination of the greats. Koontz joked he wasn’t much of a yearling and pretty broncy, but has worked out pretty well for himself and Travis Graves, who rode “Remix” at the 2022 NFR. Koontz explained how important horsepower is, especially at the BFI. “In 2021, we drew a few tough steers and Remix did a great job of giving me my shot and making sure we could get the job done.”

This spring, Koontz will return to the prestigious roping with header Peyton Walters in hopes of continuing his success at The Feist. Koontz described the BFI as the most prestigious open roping and an event that will forever have a large impact on his career. He further reflected on his career explaining, “It has been an honor to be grouped in with so many guys that I look up to. I will always cherish the prestige of The Fiest and the impact it has made on my life.”