BFI Week 2017 Videos - Bob Feist Invitational

BFI Week 2017 Videos

Caught up with Mike Beers, one of the only two men to compete at all 40 BFI ropings.
From the first one in Chowchilla, CA to tomorrow here in Reno, NV!

Introducing your top 15 for the short round!

Kicking off the Reno Million!

#12 High Desert Showdown short round performance.

C1H All-Girl Challenge grand entry. Good luck to all of our contestants!


C1H All-Girl Team Roping short round performance!


Jackie Hobbs-Crawford and Annette Hinkle-Stahl are your 2017 Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company
All-Girl Champions with a time of 33.69 on 4 steers. Taking home $41K,
this is the biggest All-Girl Roping payout to date.


Introducing your 2017 #C1H All-Girl Challenge Breakaway ropers!


All-Girl Challenge Breakaway Roping short round performance!