2020 Bringing BFI Week Changes - Bob Feist Invitational

2020 Bringing BFI Week Changes


Entries are open for the 43rd edition of Wrangler BFI Week in Reno, Nevada, and the extravaganza looks to offer even more for team ropers in 2020.

Of course, nobody’s tweaking the most prestigious Open roping in the world, and Bob Feist’s namesake event – the BFI – will remain the same lucrative, six-round showcase of the top roping talent in the world. That makes June 22 the most anticipated Monday of the year.

Lane Siggins, Jr Dees 2019 BFI Champs with Reed Flask. Photo: Olie’s Images

But adjustments have been made to the payoff formats in the amateur ropings, plus organizers have added a brand-new event to the roster, along with a great new competition for veterans and our armed services members. 

“In our extensive experience producing amateur ropings along with the BFI, we know that 10.5 ropers – especially team ropers nearing retirement from their day jobs – are the gist of this sport’s consumers,” said co-BFI owner Daren Peterson. “In 2020, we’re pleased to offer a way for the vast majority of recreational team ropers to play in Reno.”

The additional event this June is a 10.5 Over 40 roping to be held Wednesday morning, the day after the Wrangler Patriot 11.5 Invitational. That makes Wednesday an all over-40 day for team ropers, since it will be followed by the 9.5 introduced last year. There has been another little schedule change-up from last year, as well. Tuesday will kick off at 8 a.m. with the 12.5 High Desert Showdown, followed by the Wrangler Patriot 11.5. The other big news is that all three ropings have gone up to an 85 percent payback!

The big Wrangler Patriot 11.5 started by Perry DiLoreto many years ago will continue to only take 150 teams, with entry fees that remain at $2,000. But with 85 percent payback and 100 teams, $100,000 is guaranteed to first place, with second place paying $66,000, on down to 11th place. That’s different than in 2019, when the first-place checks were top-loaded. Plus, while many 11.5 producers cap their heelers at a #7, BFI producers are changing the cap to a #6.5 heeler in this roping. 

2019 11.5 Wrangler National Patriot Champions Mark Smith & Jody Higgins with Cork Ullman and Daren Peterson. Photo: Olie’s Images

A whopping 46 different paychecks will be written to ropers in this event based on 100 teams, including the go-rounds and the three-steer consolation. Of course, that’s added to the legendary BFI prizeline that includes fully-tooled Cactus trophy saddles, high-class Gist buckles, YETI coolers, Heel-O-Matics, Resistol black gold hats, leather Cactus trophy ropebags, Justin boots and much more. Last year, the average age of contestants in the Wrangler Patriot was 52 years old, and they traveled from 24 states plus Hawaii and Canada.

Several breakaway ropers and female team ropers traveled from many states away, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of supporting the ladies. In 2019, the All-Girl Challenge was the richest female roping in the country, paying the lady headers and heelers $95,000 plus the huge prizeline. The new pick-and-draw format proved to be successful, too, when a draw team won the 9.5 Incentive and took home $7,500 plus saddles, buckles, YETI coolers and more! For 2020, expect added money in both the Breakaway and All-Girl Team Roping.

2019 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Champion Jackie Crawford. Photo: Olie’s Images

Wrangler BFI Week in 2020 will benefit Ranch Life for Legends & Heroes. The California-based organization uses traditional cowboy ranch life and horse companionship to offer healing to distressed veterans, active military and first responders. Support from Priefert and Heel-O-Matic in auctioning off some great items helps organizers support these worthy causes. The auctions, by the way, are hosted the night before the BFI and the night before the Wrangler Patriot 11.5 at the host hotel – the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino – with dinner served. Make sure and attend, as sale items in 2020 will benefit Wounded Warrior Project and include cutting-edge, custom-painted Heel-O-Matics and a highly coveted deer hunt in Uvalde, Texas.   

Finally, BFI organizers will also partner with the PBR to honor patriotism this year, so on Saturday, June 20, as they kick off the week with the Hooey BFI Junior Championships, they will also host a brand-new event called Loops for Troops. The specialty roping is reserved for past and active members of the United States military. 

Get your entries in now, by visiting www.bfiweek.com. Make plans to haul your horses and family to Reno not only for the world’s greatest Open roping, but to enjoy everything the Biggest Little City in the World has to offer in early summer. 

2020 Wrangler BFI Week Schedule

Saturday, June 20

8 a.m.   10.5 Hooey BFI Junior Championships 

12 p.m.   Loops for Troops

1:30 p.m.   Open Hooey BFI Junior Championships

Sunday, June 21

6 p.m.   Dinner and Cowboy Auction – Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino

Monday, June 22

8 a.m.   Bob Feist Invitational 

6 p.m.   Dinner and Cowboy Auction – Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino

Tuesday, June 23

8 a.m.   12.5 High Desert Showdown

12 p.m.   Wrangler National Patriot 11.5

Wednesday, June 24

8 a.m.  10.5 Over 40

1 p.m.   Cactus 9.5 Over 40

Thursday, June 25

8 a.m.   All-Girl Challenge Team Roping with 9.5 Incentive

1 p.m.   All-Girl Challenge Breakaway